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Your welfare on TOUR is our #1 priority

We are pleased to announce our partnership with 'Festival Safe' a leading welfare initiative for attendees at festivals.

This partnership gives us access to the leading initiatives within the festival industry & allows us to share best practice with some of the biggest festivals and events around.

It is important that not only do we have the support & protocols in place to help keep everybody safe but it is even more crucial that you are aware of this support and understand how to access it should you need it.

Our welfare initiative aims to ensure that everyone on TOUR;

- is aware that there is help for them before, during & after the event

- knows how to access help should they or another member on TOUR need it

- is equipped with all of the required information before the event to ensure a safe and enjoyable TOUR experience

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Festival Crowd

Whether you’re a first-timer or a hardened veteran, there is something on Festival Safe for everyone.

You’ll find lots of useful information to make TOUR a festival to remember - for all the right reasons!

Head to their website and check out some of the great tips & advice before heading on TOUR or to any other amazing festival this year!

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Welfare Team

Our incredible welfare team encompasses a wide range of professionals with complimentary backgrounds & skillsets.


They are all experts in their fields and link in to our in-resort welfare processes to keep you and your team safe on TOUR.


The team is made up of the below:

- Head of Welfare

- Event Manager

- Medical Team

- Physio

- Security

- Translators

- Event Reps

All of our core staff team & event reps are trained by our event partners and mental health specialists, Flow Mental Health Services.

Getting help on TOUR

We want you to be comfortable in asking for help on TOUR.


Whether you're asking for directions, what time the pool party starts or for support if things aren't quite 100%.... we are here to help.

There are many ways to access welfare help & support at the event.


Emergency Assistance

Medical, security or welfare help

- Alert a member of the Outgoing Staff Team if possible

- Call the emergency assistance event number

- Alert another TOURER

Non-emergency assistance

- Visit Reception or the Welfare Hub

- Contact your Account Manager or an Outgoing Rep

- Speak to a team member 

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We strive to deliver a safe & inclusive TOUR environment for everybody at Outgoing events.

To help achieve this we have the following zero tolerance policies in place;

- Drugs
- Initiations
- Discriminatory  Behaviour
- Violence

Anybody found to be in breach of these policies will be removed from the event.

Festival Fun
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